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What is FUT Hair Transplant

What is FUT Hair Transplant

What is FUT Hair Transplant

What is FUT Hair Transplant It is one of the oldest hair transplantation methods that cannot be applied today. Since childhood in the 1990s. There is no haircut in hair transplantation with the FUT method. Local anesthesia is first given to the hair before it is added. Then donor’s hair is done with skin and taken. It is a surgical operation because it is an incision procedure. In this notebook printing. One week after the procedure, donor specials need to be adjusted. FUT hair transplantation is an old method. Therefore, FUT hair transplant cost is lower. And no matter how well-known it is, it is no longer preferred.

Because many methods have been produced instead. In these methods, incisions are made without the need for stitches. In this case, people prefer the painless and easiest method. After the FUT technique, there has been so much improvement that even robots can now transplant hair.

The procedure is completed without the need for the doctor’s contact. Moreover, this method greatly reduces the error rate.

When to Use the FUT Hair Transplantation Technique?

With the advancement of technology and developing methods, the use of FUT technique has decreased. But it can be used in some special cases. For example, some doctors may be very skilled and knowledgeable. And that’s why you may have chosen it. But your doctor may only be working with the FUT method. Or you may not have much hair on the donor part. In such a case, the FUT method should be tried to obtain more grafts. Your doctor will give you this advice.

In addition, if a few grafts are to be collected, the FUT method is suitable to be preferred. And the hair in the donor area can be very dense. In such a case, the hair follicles next to the roots to be taken may be damaged. To prevent this situation, the FUT method is used. FUT hair transplant cost is much cheaper than other procedures. In this respect, it can be preferred.

Application of Hair Transplant Technique with FUT

The first step in the FUT technique is to numb the donor area with local anesthesia. The part called the donor area is the part where the hair follicles are the strongest. Since local anesthesia is applied, you will not feel anything during the procedure. A rectangular piece is cut from the matched area and removed. Select the area of ​​the cut area is adjusted according to the area to be planted. The piece of skin taken from the donor area is delivered to the nurses. Nurses extract the hair follicles one by one to prepare them for hair transplantation. The separation of the grafts from the skin ends. Grafts are placed in dishes called Petri dishes.

Meanwhile, while the grafts are being prepared, the opened donor area is closed with aesthetic sutures. Healing takes between 20 – 30 days. After healing, a horizontal suture scar remains in the donor area. One of the negative aspects of the FUT method is the scarring of the stitches. After the grafts are collected, the hair transplantation process can be started. At this stage, the area where hair transplantation will take place is anesthetized with local anesthesia. Then, channels are opened as many as the number of grafts removed. These channels are for the placement of hair follicles. It is the size of a pinhead. Then the hair follicles are transferred to the opened channels. And the process is completed. It is bad that the process is painful and stitched compared to other methods. But FUT hair transplant is better than other methods in terms of cost. Hair Transplantation Clinic

Advantages of the FUT Hair Transplantation Method

In the FUT method, the session times are shorter compared to the FUE.
Thanks to this method, more hair transplants can be performed compared to FUE. If you have a high rate of balding, the FUT method is recommended.
-Hair root quality is much higher in FUT method.
In the FUT technique, the incision is in the middle. For this reason, if it needs to be applied again, an incision can be made from the same area after the wound has healed.
-Although it is repeatable, only a streaked seam remains.
-FUT requires less labor and time than other methods.

-FUT hair transplantation cost is less than other methods.
This method takes less time because the grafts are not collected one by one.
With this method, hair transplantation can be provided to people with insufficient donor area.
-No need to shave hair. This way, the transaction can take place.
– Since the hair follicle is removed with special methods, it is not damaged.
-Opened channels become smaller. In this way, blood circulation is not affected. And hair follicles grow faster.
It is an ideal method for eyebrow transplantation.

How Much FUT Hair Transplant Method Cost?

We will talk a little about FUT hair transplant cost, which everyone is curious about. It is difficult to give clear information about FUT hair transplant cost. Because the price varies depending on how much area the transaction you will make. If the part with hair loss is more, the amount you will pay naturally increases. You need to consult a doctor to find out this clearly. As a result of the analyses your doctor will make, your suitability for hair transplantation and how much area will be planted will be determined. And that way you know exactly how much it will cost.

If we need to talk about FUT hair transplant cost in general, it varies between 2.000 – 40.000 TL. It has a very variable wage range. But this method is much cheaper than other methods. The most important issue that will determine the price is the amount of hair follicles to be transplanted. In addition, the doctor, the hospital where the procedure will be performed, the experience and the city where it is located are all factors in the price. In addition, SGK covers the costs of hair loss as a result of the accident.

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