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How To Choose The Best Hair Clinic?

How To Choose The Best Hair Clinic?

How To Choose The Best Hair Clinic?

How To Choose The Best Hair Clinic? Hair restorations are a cosmetic method preferred by everyone today. Many people wonder best hair clinic. Many people want their hair to be beautiful and healthy. But there are many hair problems. Hair loss, one of them, is a common problem. This is why people are looking for a reliable place. The most effective and permanent treatment for hair loss is hair transplantation. And in this field, Turkey stands out compared to Europe or America. One of the most important reasons for this is that hair transplantation is developed in Turkey and at low cost. First of all, it is important to research a doctor to find the best hair clinic. Because the person’s hair problem needs to be diagnosed correctly.

At the same time, the patient who wants to plant should also choose a specialist doctor. Because hair transplantation is a surgical and important operation. The most important thing to consider when choosing best hair clinic is that the place is licensed. It is also very important that the doctor is a specialist. If there is someone in your neighborhood who is undergoing hair treatment, consult him. Or exchange ideas with other friends. In this way, the good and bad sides of the place you choose will be revealed. So you will find the right place.

FUT And FUE Method In Hair Loss

Most people experience hair loss, which is the most common hair problem. Hair transplantation is the most effective and permanent treatment method for this problem. Generally, FUT and FUE methods are applied in hair transplantation. In the FUT method, the hair transplantation period is shorter than in the FUE method. For example, in the FUT method, hair transplantation takes 15 – 30 minutes. Since hair follicles are taken one by one in FUE, it takes between 1 and 4 hours. And more hair follicles can be transplanted in the FUT method than in the FUE method. For this reason, FUT is recommended for people with excessive hair loss. However, if an additional session is required in the FUT method, the wound area is expected to heal. And this takes about a few months. In methods such as FUE, it is sufficient to wait a few days for additional sessions.

When we consider another factor, hair follicle quality is higher in FUT and the probability of damaging the hair follicles is very low. Especially in the FUE method, this problem is more common in fine hair. However, more scarring occurs in the FUT method. FUT method is a more ideal method for eyebrow transplantation. It also has a lower cost. However, today the advanced FUE method is more preferred. Because the FUT method is a more painful and surgical operation. Therefore, the healing process is much later. Best Turkey Hair Transplant Clinic

Robotic Hair Transplantation at Best Hair Clinic

Robotic hair transplantation is a variant of the FUE technique. It is a painless procedure under local anesthesia. The margin of error in robotic hair transplantation is minimal. The image encountered after the operation looks more natural than other methods. The hair transplant robot has a special magnifying glass that provides a growth of 10,000 times in the follicular unit. Robotic hair transplantation does not leave any traces.

In robotic hair transplantation, the robot collects the most suitable roots from the donor area thanks to its optical readers. The hair transplant robot decides how many roots to plant in which area to achieve high yield. And it plans three-dimensionally how many degrees of roots it will open in which region. Thanks to this computer-based planning, the robot can open channels very often, even in very small spaces. Hair transplantation should be done at the right angle without damaging other roots. Thus, the patient has full and natural looking hair in a short time.

Hair Problems

Today, many people experience hair problems. While some of these are genetic, some are later diseases. Hair shaft, alopecia, psoriasis, tellogen effluvium and alopecia areata are some of them. Many people apply to the best hair clinic for this. The most common hair problem is hair loss. There are many reasons for hair loss. While it is hereditary in some people, it appears as a symptom of internal diseases in others. Some of the main problems of hair loss are not applying enough care. Infection related skin problems, male pattern exfoliation and aging problems are also frequently seen in shedding. It can also be a side effect of some internal diseases. For this, expert controls are important. Or you should go to the best hair clinic.

Among the hair treatments, mesotherapy, PRP and hair transplantation are the leading ones. Hair transplantation is also considered as a cosmetic procedure. PRP means blood rich in platelet cells obtained from one’s own blood. PRP helps hair renew itself. And it prevents it from spilling again. Hair treatment with PRP is safe for all patients whose hair structure is sparse and weakened. The name of best hair clinic is the safe center that makes hair treatments.

What Is Ringworm Disease?

How To Choose The Best Hair Clinic? Ringworm disease is regional hair loss. It is usually seen in children. Ringworm disease is the formation of circular spaces in a part of the scalp. Apart from the scalp, it occurs in the eyebrows, beard and mustache areas. The biggest cause of illness is stress. Studies have shown that it is more common in people with black hair. Ringworm disease occurs as a result of thyroid disorder and anemia. Ringworm disease does not cause permanent hair loss. However, treatment may take a long time. In treatment, creams and lotions that stimulate hair follicles should be preferred.

People with advanced disease should take cortisone supplements. After cortisone treatment, fine hairs called vellus appear. These hairs then turn into thick hairs. The vast majority of patients recover spontaneously over the years. However, waiting without doing anything leads to great depression and loss of self confidence in people. For this, it makes sense to consult specialist doctors. It is also important to eat regularly. How To Choose The Best Hair Clinic?

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