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How To Choose Hair Transplant Clinic Turkey

How To Choose Hair Transplant Clinic Turkey

How To Choose Hair Transplant Clinic Turkey?

How to choose hair transplant clinic Turkey? Many people feel bad about themselves and have trouble making friends when they lose their hair. A person who is going bald looks older than they are. The way they look isn’t the best, either. Today, you can get rid of this problem by getting a hair transplant. It has helped a lot of people get their hair back because it did what it was supposed to do in a short amount of time.

FUE Hair Transplant surgery is a common way for men and women with thinning hair to get more hair. This treatment is usually done by a plastic surgeon. Almost everyone does it, but the rate of success is very different. The people in charge of this operation don’t keep up with the latest technology. Our FUE Hair Transplant expert will make sure that your hairstyle, front hairline, and hair density are all just right.

Tips On How To Choose Hair Transplant Clinic Turkey?

In Turkey, as in many other countries, a lot of people get hair transplants. There are many specialists and places that do hair transplants, especially in big cities. But, as with any job, not everyone is up to the task.

FUE and DHI hair transplants have already been talked about as the most common and up-to-date methods. Even though there are two different ways to do it, the results are both beautiful. In big cities like Istanbul, where there are more than 10 million people, the FUE hair transplant method is used a lot. The price and quality will be different for each specialist or center that handles the transaction. When we talk about FUE hair transplantation in Istanbul, we are talking about our own business that helps people get their hair back. Our guests have always been happy with how we do business and what we do. We’re back to being happy now that we have more visitors.

How Well Hair Transplant Works In Turkey?

For a long time, the FUE transplant was the only way to use hair implants to treat baldness in people with mild alopecia through surgery. With the FUE micro transplant method, we can now treat significant baldness. This method has many benefits for patients because it doesn’t leave a scar when follicular units are taken out. Does the FUE hair transplant work?

In the fourth month after the FUE surgery, the hair starts to grow back. After six months, there is a clear change, and after a year, the final product is ready. When the FUE micrograft procedure is used, there are no scars that can be seen. This means that you can still get a short haircut even after the treatment.

With the FUT micrograft technique, which removes grafts in strips, you have to stay in the hospital for a long time. But with the FUE transplant technique, you don’t have to stay in the hospital for as long. The process can be done in as little as a few hours. On the other hand, both of these micrograft methods are based on the same basic ideas. The main goal of the procedure is to put hair from the Hippocratic crown area in the bald parts of the forehead, vertex, and tonsure of the skull. Even so, the FUE transplantation process is completely done by hand. Compared to the Strip method, the sampling time is much longer, and the number of grafts that can be taken is lower.

What Makes FUE Hair Transplant Unique?

With a micrografting FUE punch that is less than one millimeter in diameter, the procedure has become much more precise and fine (0.8 and 0.9 Mm). It could also be in how many follicular units can be taken in one session. With the FUE transplant, someone takes at least 3000 follicular units, which is about 1400 grafts. This makes it possible to treat baldness that can’t be stopped. During two FUE sessions, as many as 3000 grafts can be taken out.

With the FUE transplant method developed in Paris, it is possible to treat even severe alopecia. However, this method is not best for all hair types. Most of the time, this is the case, since curly hair is not straight. One risk is that the hair will be cut off without its bulb, so the transplanted hair won’t grow back.

This is one of the benefits of hair transplantation that can’t be argued with. Because the intervention only lasts six to eight hours, the patient can move around much sooner. Local anesthesia is used during FUE hair transplants that don’t require a hospital stay. Before taking out the follicular units, the surgeon usually shaves the donor area all the way down. Samples can be taken from female participants without having to shave them first. Usually, a hair sample is taken from the area around the neck of the person being sampled, which is covered by hair.

What’s Different About FUE And FUT?

The practitioner uses this punch to take a sample of follicular units. You can keep the bulb of your hair as it grows around your neck and temples if you use this tool. This tool has helped more and more of the damaged tissue heal faster and better. As the grafts grow, they are checked by assistants to make sure that each follicle has between one and four hairs. How To Choose The Best Hair Clinic?

In a FUE hair transplant, follicular units are taken directly from the scalp without using tissue strips. Because hair follicles were taken out at random, there are less hair follicles in the donor area. The follicles are taken from the Strip by a skilled clinical staff, which then transplants them one at a time to the recipient sites. FUT is often recommended, especially when hair loss is getting worse. It lets the doctor use the patient’s scalp as much as possible to get the results the patient wants. Hair Replacement Treatment Near Me

Micro hair transplantation is a well-known method in the modern world. It is especially good for treating eyebrow hair loss caused by sparse or thin hair. The micrograft FUE method isn’t just used for hair transplants, though. This is a great way for people whose facial hair isn’t fully grown out yet to get a fuller beard. 

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