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Hair loss is undoubtedly one of the most common issues that people face these days. Intense hair loss is more common in men, but it can also occur in women on occasion. Despite the fact that doctors can reduce going bald with various hair therapies. Patients prefer hair restoration surgery for a more permanent solution to baldness level hair loss. Hair restoration surgery is a popular and long-used technique that provides a permanent solution to baldness.

They extract genetically resistant hair follicles from the patient during the hair transplantation procedure. Then doctors transplant into the channels that they opened before in the baldness sections. A hair transplantation procedure is a microsurgery procedure that doctors perform under local anesthesia. For this reason, hair correction operations are important. In this article, you can find information about hair restoration surgery.

What Do The Terms FUE And DHI Mean In The Context Of Hair Transplantation?

Hair transplantation is now very popular among patients. Each method of hair transplantation differs depending on the individual and the structure of the hair.
1. Robotic Hair Transplantation
The hair follicles are collected by the hair transplantation robot in this method, and after the canals are opened, the doctor transplants the hair follicles collected by the robot.

  1. Sapphire FUE Hair Transplantation
    Sapphire-tipped pens are used in this method, and it is distinguished from other techniques by the ability of sapphire-tipped pens to open micro-channels. As a result, it promotes rapid healing.
  2. Hair Transplantation with DHI (Unshaven)
    People know this method of hair restoration surgery as direct hair transplantation. During this procedure, they use a medical pen called Choi to open the channels while also transplanting the grafts. Because the hair follicles are in contact with the outside for a shorter period of time, the grafts remain healthier.

What Should You Expect Before A Hair Transplant?

Before undergoing hair transplantation, you should consider all options, conduct an assessment, and gather information about the entire procedure. To avoid incorrect information, you should look for well-qualified assessments straight away. As previously stated, there are numerous factors that influence hair transplantation. The operation’s success is determined not only by the technique, but also by the environment and the person. Numerous factors, such as graft quality, shedding, donor area, age, dietary patterns, alcohol, and smoking, all have an impact on the outcomes of hair transplantation.

Above all, you should determine how much hair transplantation is required to achieve an accurate result in hair transplantation. This is the first step in determining both the cost and the technique to be used. It can also help you prepare for the operation by prompting you to ask yourself some questions. For example, what awaits me in this process, what should I be aware of prior to hair transplantation, and what awaits me after the procedure?

What Should You Consider After Hair Transplantation Operation?

  1. Because you will be given medications to help you relax prior to surgery, it may be helpful to bring a companion with you to assist you in returning home.
  2. A bandage is wrapped around your head if you have had surgery to remove striped skin. For a day, keep this clean and dry in your mind. However, some hair transplant surgeries necessitate the use of stitches rather than bandages. These stitches may dissolve on their own on the scalp, but you may need to return to the clinic to have them removed.
  3. Sleep in a slightly upstanding position after surgery. Even if there is a slight itch and pain, do not touch newly transplanted areas. Because they can’t cling to the skin, the roots here can be shed if touched or rubbed.
  4. You can wash and shampoo your hair after a few days. This allows for the removal of dead skin as well as, more importantly, the removal of shells that prevent hair from growing.
  5. Because hair transplantation is a medical procedure, it is recommended that the patient refrains from engaging in strenuous physical activities following the procedure.
  6. Avoid using chemical products on your hair, such as lotion, jelly, conditioner, hairspray, and wax.
  7. You should sleep the first night after having your hair transplanted. Going outside is not a good idea because you run the risk of contracting an infection. When you go outside during the healing process, use an umbrella to shield the transplanted area from the sun or rain.

What To Look for When Choosing The Best Hair Transplant Center

1- Conduct extensive research before deciding on a transplantation center or doctor.
2- Conduct thorough price research and select the option that best fits your budget.
3- Do not make any decisions in a hair transplantation center where you cannot see the results of the procedure. Examine the results of the doctor in question from the forums.

4- Contact the complaints of the planting center where you will make your decision.
Consider how many complaints this planting center has received, why it has received them, whether the complainant has been resolved, and whether you can experience such a thing.

5- Avoid non-specialist hair transplantation clinics. What Do Hair Restoration Doctors Do?

How Do We Comprehend The Outcomes Of Hair Transplantation?

Listen to your doctor, use the medications on a regular basis, follow his recommendations, and go for regular check-ups, especially after hair transplantation. It is preferable to contact your doctor rather than attempting to solve any problems that may have arisen as a result of the operation. Post-hair restoration surgery procedures are as important as the procedure itself. It is largely dependent on what you do after the procedure to achieve the desired results from the hair transplantation procedure. Furthermore, images of hair transplantation provide important hints for individuals in need of hair transplantation.

Examining hair restoration surgery forum sites where people freely share their results will be useful for conducting accurate research. The stage following hair transplantation is possibly the most difficult for patients. Patients have many concerns, such as whether the operation will be successful or if they are doing something incorrectly. Before the full effects of hair transplantation can be seen, it should take exactly 18 months. As a result, it is more accurate to evaluate the results with month-by-month photos at periodic intervals in order to fully evaluate the images before and after hair transplantation. Best Place For A Hair Transplant

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