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Hair Transplantation Clinic

Hair transplantation is a natural and permanent solution used in people who have hair loss or baldness problems. Hair transplantation can be defined as follows: it is the process of planting healthy hair follicles in areas where hair follicles lose their activity. In hair transplantation clinics, the patient’s own healthy hair follicles are transplanted to the bald or shed area.

It is therefore a natural way. The biggest feature of the hair transplantation process is that the operations are planned individually. The procedure of hair transplantation works as follows: doctors collect hair with fist tools in the patient’s nape area. The nape region is the region with the most durable hair roots. Collected strands of hair are planted in a sparse or completely shed area with the help of channels.

The goal here is to provide the most natural and permanent appearance in the planted area using the patient’s own hair follicles. Although hair transplantation is a small surgical operation, it is an area that requires a lot of experience and experience. It is very important that the clinic where the procedure is performed is hygienic, the experience of the doctor and the tools used are modern and advanced. For this reason, people who will undergo hair transplantation should choose doctors and clinics carefully.

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Best Hair Transplant Places

First of all, meeting with the most preferred clinics in the country where the decision was made allows them to have a certain idea. There is only one important point here. There is no such thing as the best clinic, the most preferred or the most advertised hair transplantation clinic. It should be noted that experiences and opinions vary from person to person.

There is also a price-based evaluation. Likewise, there is no such thing as the most expensive hair transplant clinic is the best. This should not mislead people.

Another important factor should be the experience of the doctors in the hair transplantation clinic. The experience of hair transplant specialists will provide a better experience for people who have hair transplants. In addition to all these, it also takes an important place in the methods and technological devices used for hair transplantation. For this reason, the use of the latest technology in hair transplant clinics allows them to appeal to more people.

Given all these criteria, Turkey ranks first among the best options for hair transplantation. Turkey welcomes many tourists for hair transplantation. Both hair transplantation at a more affordable price than other countries and better quality hair transplantation are important factors in Turkey’s preference. But this does not mean that all hair transplantation clinics in Turkey are good.

Hair Transplant Clinic

Hair transplantation is a procedure that makes a big difference in the appearance of people. For this reason, it is of great importance that it is performed by experts in a good hair transplant clinic. People who will have hair transplantation are lucky that they have many options for this procedure. They have the opportunity to have a hair transplant easily, whether in the country they live in or abroad. With so many options, it can be confusing to choose which country would be a better option for a hair transplant.

Since hair transplantation is important for people’s appearance, choosing the best hair transplantation clinic will make them a little difficult. However, after deciding in which country to have a hair transplant, things will not be difficult. There are various situations that should be considered when choosing hair transplant clinics.

Best Hair Transplant Places in the World

The reasons why Turkey is the most preferred country in hair transplantation is that although there are good hair transplantation clinics and specialists, another factor is that it is more cost-effective. Packages specially created for patients coming from abroad for hair transplantation are attractive to them and they are preferred because they are affordable. These special packages, which provide great convenience to people who will come for hair transplantation, include accommodation as well as hair transplantation service.

If Turkey is far from where you live or if you want to have a hair transplant somewhere around Europe, your choice should be Poland. Hair transplantation clinics in Poland provide quality services and you can get this procedure done at affordable prices. Again, if you want to get a good service, it can be found among your options in Lithuania or Thailand. But apart from all these, if the most important thing for you is the affordable price of hair transplantation, your preference should be India and Mexico.

In general, health services in most countries are at a developed level. For this reason, the main factor in choosing the right place is that it is a good hair transplantation clinic and it is suitable for advanced methods.

Advanced Hair Transplant

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We offer free e-consults with our patient consultants, to allow you to discuss your expectations and desired outcomes in person. Our hand-picked consultants can provide you with an accurate representation of what to expect from the individual procedure you are looking to discuss, allowing you to discuss any concerns, queries, expectations and desired outcomes.

Causes Hair Loss?

The most common cause of hair loss is heredity. Hair loss can usually be inherited from a father or uncle to a boy. But this is not the only reason. Hair loss is a very common condition with advancing age. Apart from these, various medical disorders or traumas also trigger hair loss. Although hair loss in women also passes through heredity; the rate of hair loss also increases in women who bind their hair very tightly. Hair follicles that are constantly stretched and slanted are damaged and may lose their function after a while. Even if hair loss is a condition that occurs at a late age, there are also people who suffer from hair loss at a young age. For this reason, hair transplantation can be applied to every individual, male and female, over the age of 18.

How Can Hair Loss Be Prevented?

If you want to avoid hair loss, First there is the biggest factor that causes hair loss. Because, as we mentioned earlier, not every person experiences hair loss for the same reason. The cause of hair loss is determined by personalized tests by a dermatologist. It is very important to use shampoo, conditioner and hair oils suitable for the scalp. In addition, regular and healthy eating, vitamin supplements are also factors that can prevent hair loss. Troit is a disease that causes hair loss quite a lot. The treatment of a person with Troit disease should be carried out by a doctor with personalized planning. After making the appropriate plan, the doctor can provide support to his patient with alternative methods such as drug therapy or mesotherapy.

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We offer free e-consults with our patient consultants, to allow you to discuss your expectations and desired outcomes in person. Our hand-picked consultants can provide you with an accurate representation of what to expect from the individual procedure you are looking to discuss, allowing you to discuss any concerns, queries, expectations and desired outcomes.

Hair Transplantation Techniques:

After hair loss, the measures taken by patients against hair loss unfortunately do not work. Hair loss can only be replaced by newly planted hair. Patients who are exposed to hair loss should have knowledge about hair transplantation techniques. He/she should be able to select hair transplant clinics according to these techniques. Although there are many sub-methods of hair transplantation, doctors determine the appropriate treatment for the patient’s scalp and choose the sub-method accordingly. Let’s see the techniques;

  • FUT Technique (Follicular Unit Transplant)
  • FUE Technique (Follicular Unit Extraction)
  • DHI Technique (Direct Hair Implantation)
  • DHI Plus Gold Technique (Direct Hair Implantation Plus Gold)

Doctors choose the appropriate method according to the scalp of the patients. However, only one method can be used, or more than one method can be used in the same operation. For example, hair follicles to be taken from the nape area can be taken with the FUT technique and transplanted to the area to be transplanted with the DHI method.

FUT Technique (Follicular Unit Transplant):

The FUT method has been used for more than 20 years and is the most preferred method. But with the recent development of technology, this method remained in the background. In the FUT method, hair follicles are taken from the donor area, that is, from the nape area, in the form of strips. Hair roots are planted in the bald area with punch tools in the same way. In this method, 5000-6000 hair follicles can be planted at once.

To Whom Can the FUT Method be Applied?

We can list the characteristics of the person to whom the FUT hair transplantation method can be applied as follows:

  • The patient who will be applied to the FUT method must be over the age of 22.
  • It is applied to patients who have permanent hair loss.
  • FUT method will be applied to the patient’s hair loss is expected to have reached a certain stage.
  • And one of the most important conditions is that the donor area is expected to have enough healthy hair roots.

Every individual who meets these conditions can have hair transplantation with the FUT method.

In Which Situations Is The FUT Method Used?

Along with the developing technology, the FUT method was preferably placed in the background. But despite this, it is still a fairly common method. There are some specific situations that require the use of this method.

  • If the doctor you will be treating only knows the FUT method, it is used as the only method.
  • The biggest advantage of the FUT method is that quite a lot of hair grafts can be taken and planted at once. For this reason, if the hair that will be taken in the donor area is less, the FUT method is the most ideal method.
  • FUT method is used to collect a small number of grafts if hair transplantation is to be performed only for retouching, not for large area.
  • In addition, if hair grafts in the donor area are too high, the FUT method is also used to avoid damaging other hair follicles.
  • And finally, the FUT method is cheaper than other methods.

How is Hair Transplantation Performed with the FUT Method?

In operations with the FUT method, the donor area is first anesthetized with local anesthesia. After the area is anesthetized, a rectangular area of ​​approximately 14cm x 2cm is removed from the donor area. However, this is not an exact figure. Depending on the size of the area to be planted, this area becomes smaller or larger.

The piece taken from the donor area according to the transplantation area is taken aside by the nurses to separate the hair follicles. Nurses carefully separate the hair follicles and make them ready for hair transplantation. Nurses place these separated hair follicles in containers called ‘petri’. While the collected grafts are extracted one by one, the doctor closes the area in the donor area with aesthetic sutures.

How is Hair Transplantation Performed with the FUT Method?

After this operation, the healing process takes 20 days to 30 days. After this process, a horizontal suture mark remains in the donor area, that is, in the nape area between the two ears. One of the biggest disadvantages of the FUT method is that this seam mark is permanent. After the grafts are separated and the donor area is closed, the transplantation process is started. This time, the area to be planted is anesthetized with local anesthesia. Then, a channel equal to the hair graft separated by the nurses is opened. The cases we call canals are needle-sized holes where hair follicles will be transplanted. Finally, hair grafts are planted in the opened channels, and thus hair transplantation is completed.

What Should be Considered Before the Operation to be Performed With the FUT Method?

  • As with all other hair transplantation operations, alcohol consumption should be completely stopped 1 week before FUT hair transplantation operation.
  • The patient must always inform their doctor of the medications they are using. Blood thinner pills should be discontinued 1 week before the operation.
  • Before the hair transplant operation, the patient’s hair should be clean. The patient should not use products such as creams and lotions on the day of the operation.
  • Smoking should be stopped 3 days before the operation. The last few days should be avoided from caffeinated beverages.
  • On the day of the operation, the patient should wear comfortable clothes and have breakfast.

After the Hair Transplantation With FUT Technique:

As before and during the hair transplant operation, more than one expert should work together after the operation. 1 week after the operation, the patient should come back to the clinic and have their stitches removed. After the regular and meticulous dressing process, the doctor can remove the bandages from the patient’s head when doctor sees fit. After the 3rd day of removing the bandage, the patient can wash their hair. However, they should wash their hair with very slow touches. Scratching with nails should never be done.

How Is the Healing Process After Hair Transplantation With FUT Method?

As a result, this procedure should be a surgical operation, and the dressings of the protected area should be performed meticulously without disrupting. Otherwise, the risk of infection is quite high. 15 days after hair transplantation, the crust ends. And after these 15 days, the remaining stitches are removed in the area where the surgical intervention is performed.

Advantages of FUT Technique:

  • It is a very profitable method in terms of time. Because hair grafts are taken and transplanted in bulk, not individually. This also saves time.
  • Even if there are insufficient donors in the patients to be applied the FUT method, the procedure can be easily performed.
  • A large number of grafts are collected in a very short time.
  • It is not necessary to shave the hair in the FUT method. Hair transplantation can also occur without shaving.
  • Hair follicles are removed very carefully and make sure that the follicles are not damaged at all. This, in turn, allows you to successfully plant all hair grafts in one operation.
  • White-haired people have almost no scars after the operation.

Disadvantage of FUT Technique:

  • The suture scar remains after the FUT method. If there are stitches that are not removed, it will cause an infection.
  • Since the scalp is lifted in the FUT method, numbness may occur after the operation.
  • It is expected that a number of losses will occur in the hair follicles collected with this method.
  • A few days after surgery, swelling may occur in and around the eye.
  • After the operation of the FUT method, there is a risk of hair rotation in the hair.
  • After planting hair that cannot be planted at once with the second operation, new suture scars are formed.
  • Since it is a stitched operation process, pain can be observed after surgery.
  • The healing process takes a little longer than other methods.

Cost of FUT Method:

With FUT technique, 2000-2500 hair grafts can be transplanted at one time. The cost of the FUT method in Turkey varies between 1000-3000 dollars. Of course, the baldness area in the patient’s head, the adequacy of the donor area is a very effective factor. As the number of hair grafts to be planted increases, the price increases. But some hair transplantation clinics can be a money trap. For this reason, the patient must thoroughly investigate the hair transplant clinics before starting treatment. From the experience of doctors, the level of sophistication of the tools used is very effective in results.

FUE Technique (Follicular Unit Extraction):

FUE hair transplantation method is a method that has been used quite frequently recently and thus surpasses FUT hair transplantation technique. The feature that makes the fue method so attractive is that there are no cuts or holes on the skin during the operation. The FUE method was first used in Japan in 1988. However, it entered the literature in 2002. In the FUE method, experts separate the hair grafts in the donor area from the skin one by one. And sowing is carried out in the predetermined area.

Just as the hair follicles are taken one by one, the doctors add the grafts one by one during the planting. Therefore, it requires longer sessions than other methods. Operations previously performed using a punch tool are currently performed with the help of micromotors. As in every surgical operation, a successful specialist and a good hair transplant clinic should be found in hair transplantation with the FUE method. Otherwise, unaesthetic results can be obtained.

In Which Situations Can FUE Hair Transplantation Method Be Preferred?

As mentioned earlier, the FUE hair transplantation method is a highly preferred method recently. The biggest reason for this is that no cuts can be made to the scalp, which ensures that no scars remain on the patient’s head after the operation. In addition, having a cut-free treatment allows the patient to recover quite quickly at the end of the operation. The FUE method provides ease of operation to patients and specialists. Since the hair grafts are taken one by one from the donor area, bleeding in the area where the roots are taken is very low. And there is no scar after the operation.

The fue method is a method that can offer patients the opportunity to transplantation under any circumstances. The reason for this is that a possible donor area failure of the patient does not require the cancellation of the operation. Hair follicles can also be removed from the beard and chest areas if necessary.

Hair transplantation with FUE method results in a more natural appearance. The reason for this is that hair grafts taken individually and planted create a more frequent and natural appearance of hair. Patients who think that after hair transplantation can be exposed to hair loss again should know that the nape area between the two ears is used as the donor area. This area is very resistant to hair loss. For this reason, the rate of loss of these resistant hair follicles planted in the bald area is quite low.

What Are the Benefits of Hair Transplantation With FUE Method?

  • In the process of separating and planting hair grafts in the same way, the scalp is not cut in any way, resulting in no traces remaining after the operation. This is a very important detail from an aesthetic point of view.
  • With the FUE method, not only hair transplantation is performed. At the same time, if you need a more lush appearance for your beard or mustache, this planting is carried out quite successfully with hair follicles taken from the nape area.
  • After the operation, the healing process is quite short, which puts the FUE method at the top of the list of preferences.
  • From the sixth month after the procedure, the hair creates a completely natural and aesthetic appearance.

Cost of FUE Method:

FUE hair transplantation costs generally start from 6000-7000 TL. Of course, depending on the donor area and the number of hair grafts to be planted, this price may increase or decrease. But the general prices of hair transplants that have received 3500 grafts are around 6000-7000 TL.

In all methods of hair transplantation, the main thing is who will perform the operation and where it will be. It is very important to choose doctors carefully, while it is just as important to choose hair transplantation clinics carefully. It is very important that hair transplantation clinics are equipped and that they are able to meet the patient’s needs before and after surgery. For this reason, it is important that this is the main criterion, no matter which method is selected.

DHI  Technique (Direct Hair İmplantation):

DHI method is also known as ‘direct hair transplantation’ or ‘pen technique’. In the DHI method, hair follicles are collected with a special pen and then placed with a special pen in the places where hair transplantation will be made. Thanks to this fine-tipped pen, hair transplantation can be done without the need for anything else. It is process that takes longer than the FUE technique, but it is more preferred because the hair follicles are transplanted without waiting. Thanks to the process, a more natural appearence is obtained. An important point in these procedures is that they are done by experienced people.

In the DHI method, the hair follicle loss does not ocur much because the transplantation is performed immediately after the hair follicles are taken. Since DHI method is a more sensitive process its cost is a bit high.

In Which Situations Can FUE Hair Transplantation Method Be Preferred?

The DHI method is generally preferred because it gives a more natural look. The advantage of being able to continue their daily lives from where they left off also causes them to prefer hair transplantation with the DHI method. If you want to have a hair transplant using this method, having insufficient hair follicles may be a factor. Since other hair follicles or hair strands are not damaged in hair transplantation with this method, there is no hair loss.

What Are the Benefits of Hair Transplantation With DHI Method?

  • Since the hair transplantation is done with a very fine-tipped device, it does not create any scars in the hair transplantation area.
  • Compared to other methods, the hair follicle is exposed for less time, so the quality of hair transplantation is higher.
  • As a result of this method, people who have hair transplantation achieve a more natural appearance and have more difficult hair follicles.

Cost of DHI Method:

DHI hair transplantation costs generally start from 4000-5500 TL. Of course, these prices may increase or decrease depending on the procedure to be performed on the person. As with other methods, variable factors such as the place of hair transplantation cause differences in the price of the procedure.

All these methods should be done meticulously by people with good experience and experience. Otherwise, negative results may be obtained. Therefore, you should choose the most suitable hair transplant method for you in consultation with the specialist who will do the hair transplant, and you should have this procedure done after you are sure.

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Comparison In Hair Transplantation By Country

Many countries can perform hair transplantation in accordance with the opportunities and technologies they have. Each country’s health system, technology opportunities or hair transplant procedures may not be the same. As a result of the differences arising from these, hair transplantation prices also differ in countries. Patients who will have hair transplantation will want to find the best hair transplantation clinic in that country after they decide to have this procedure in their own country or in another country. In this case, patients need to conduct a good research and interviews with various clinics.

If we look at the most successful countries in hair transplantation, Turkey ranks first in terms of patient satisfaction. Turkey is at the forefront of the countries that make hair transplantation at the most affordable price. It offers a similar price opportunity in Thailand with Turkey. These countries are followed by countries such as India and Mexico. However, all these do not mean that the best hair transplant is done. If people who want to have a hair transplant want to choose a more suitable and good transplant, the best choice would be to have it done in Turkey. If your place of residence is far from Turkey, you can also choose Poland for the best hair transplant procedure

Hair Transplant Clinics In Us

The US is one of the developing countries both in terms of health services and technologically advanced. It also has various and advanced facilities in the field of hair transplantation. As in all countries, the cost of hair transplantation in the US differs from person to person and according to the procedure performed. Hair transplantation in the USA starts from 3500 USD. Of course, this price increases or decreases depending on the transaction. Hair transplantation in America is a little more costly than in Turkey. However, there are of course very good options for those who live there and do not want to go abroad.

Hair Transplant Clinics In Indıa

India is an affordable and reliable country for hair transplantation. The fact that India is good in the field of plastic surgeon also makes it good in hair transplant operations. If you want to pay less than the cost of the hair transplant operation in your country, you can choose India. Here again, there is a price difference that varies according to the procedure and from person to person. The number of grafts required for transplantation is the most important factor for hair transplantation in India. Other factors are similar to other countries. Although it is confusing that there are many hair transplantation clinics, patients can easily decide on the best one by making necessary discussions.

Hair Transplant Clinics In Poland

Hair transplantation in Poland has recently started to attract more attention. After this interest, it was observed that there was a great improvement in hair transplantation. This interest in hair transplantation has led to the use of advanced technologies in hair transplantation clinics. And all this showed that Poland is good in hair transplantation and it attracted attention in other countries, clinics began to accept patients from abroad. It also attracts the attention of British tourists, as hair transplantation is done at a more affordable price than in England, the country near it.

Hair Transplant Clinics In Thailand

As in other countries, many different methods are used for hair transplantation in Thailand. Hair transplantation clinics are quite advanced and technologically sufficient. In terms of cost, it is at average prices compared to other countries. When people go to Thailand for a hair transplant, they also want to take advantage of the benefits of a vacation. It is one of the countries that attracts attention for this purpose.

Hair Transplantation Clinics In Germany

If you are determined to have a hair transplant abroad, Germany can be among your easiest and simplest options. Due to its location, it is a place in the middle, so you can easily reach it. As in Turkey, some clinics have created more suitable packages for those coming from abroad. And again, as in other countries, it is one of the places to be preferred thanks to its advanced techniques and technology. In terms of price, it stays in the average value range.

When we look at the hair transplantation procedures in various countries, the health standards of most countries have improved. However, there is a hair transplant price as a variable factor in these developments. The variety in the price range also makes it appealing to many people. At the same time, giving options to people who want to have hair transplantation helps them.

Hair Transplant Clinics in Turkey

It is seen that hair transplant clinics in Turkey are more preferred for patients who want to have hair transplantation. The reason for this is the use of current methods and the opportunities offered to people who will have hair transplantation. Of course, there are good or bad hair transplantation clinics. The most important feature that makes hair transplant clinics good is the presence of good specialists in this clinic. It doesn’t matter how high-end technology is used. The experience and skill of the person performing the hair transplant operation is much more important.

If we compare the price of hair transplantation with other countries, it costs an average of 5,000-12,000 dollars in European countries. There is a price between 1,500-5,000 dollars in Turkey. There is an average price range of 6,000-15,000 dollars in countries other than Europe and Turkey. When we look at these price data, we can clearly see the reason why hair transplant clinics in Turkey are mostly chosen.

Hair Transplant Clinics in Turkey

If we look at the best hair transplantation clinic in Turkey, we can start by specifying the best doctors first. If we look at the current developments on this subject, He has patients from many places both in Turkey and around the world, and he communicates in a way to help her patients in the hair transplantation clinic and guide them to the best.

Likewise, one of the successful doctors in hair transplantation is Koray Erdogan. İlhan Serdaroğlu, Muttalip Keser is one of the doctors who make his name heard frequently and who is successful in the field of hair transplantation.

When we look at the most preferred and satisfied hair transplantation clinics, we see that they are generally located in Istanbul. Afterwards, it is seen that satisfaction rates are higher and there are better doctors in big cities such as Ankara and İzmir.

When we look at the most preferred hair transplant centers in Turkey, we see that most of them are located in Istanbul. Asli Tarcan Clinic Hair Transplantation Center is one of the most successful centers. The fact that they can achieve 90% success in hair transplantation and that they have successfully applied hair transplantation methods play an important role in the preferences of people who will have hair transplantation.

Transplantation in Turkey

Asli Tarcan Clinic is also a clinic that successfully performs hair transplants and gains the satisfaction of people who have hair transplants. Asli Tarcan Clinic Hair Transplantation shows success in both hair transplantation and plastic and aesthetic surgery.

Of course, all these satisfaction statistics cannot be the same for everyone. Since people’s expectations, wishes and needs are different, not everyone can get the same efficiency from the same clinic or doctor. The advantages of having such diversity in the field of hair transplantation are many. One of them may be another doctor option if you are not satisfied. Of course, this may not be suitable for everyone financially. In order to achieve the best results, a result can be reached with the clinics, if you have the opportunity, face-to-face, if not, either online or by detailed phone calls.

It will be one of the most affordable hair transplant operations for tourists who will come to the country to have a hair transplant. In addition to being affordable, advanced technologies are used. This provides the opportunity to have a hair transplant without any problems. In Turkey, you can get the opportunity to have a hair transplant operation with prices starting from 1.950 €. You may have had your hair transplant operation done at a more affordable price compared to England and a few other countries

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We offer free e-consults with our patient consultants, to allow you to discuss your expectations and desired outcomes in person. Our hand-picked consultants can provide you with an accurate representation of what to expect from the individual procedure you are looking to discuss, allowing you to discuss any concerns, queries, expectations and desired outcomes.

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